Glyph is a unique picture-messaging mobile application whose mission is to democratize creativity by giving regular consumers access to high-quality visual designs customized for their words, messages, or expressions. Simply type a text message into Glyph and instantly receive visual statements with your words showcased in professionally designed graphics. Then share this graphic with your family, friends, and social networks.

While consumers can expect Glyph to be a one-stop-shop to give visual life to their words, an equally important value proposition for graphics designers, illustrators, artists, and creative professionals is easy access to the general public for the purposes of marketing self-brand (this network of designers contributes glyphs to the platform, and users can see the designers behind their glyphs). We provide a direct connection between designers and consumers by providing each side what they want most: creative self-expression.

There are 12 billion messages sent per day. Our competitors offer mostly low-quality content that is primarily user-generated (a la Instagram). Our competitive advantage is our premium content, our semantic matching, our “bowling with bumpers” concept (everything entered by the user will come out looking beautiful), and our focus on real designers with real stories.

We have worked as a team for ~9 months, have a fully functional beta product, and have begun user testing.

Posted on November 13, 2013 in Technology

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