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Babson Entrepreneurship Forum

12th year of Babson's flagship event, and it is going to be better than ever!

Since its inception in 2002, the Babson Entrepreneurship Forum strives to encompass the College’s philosophy of “Don’t be the best at what you do – be the only.” Building off this tradition, this year we are challenging visionaries, innovators, thought leaders and Entrepreneurs of All Kinds™ to consider the opportunities that will transform industries, societies, lives – in short, the world. The 12th Annual Babson Entrepreneurship Forum is a glimpse into the future through the eyes of the very people who are shaping it.



This year, BEF features live video streaming all of our events! 9:00am Eastern Time!






The Forum, with all of its energy and networking opportunities, is best experienced in person. But for those who can’t make it, we’ve got you covered. For the first time ever, we will be livestreaming our keynote sessions online.

Opportunities of the next decade

Opportunities of the next decade

We’ve put together an incredible line-up of speakers who are thought leaders and visionaries. These speakers will share their visions for the future, the next big opportunities and exciting new projects.



We’re launching a new initiative this year to encourage youth entrepreneurship. Six teams of high school students will compete for the opportunity to pitch their business ideas on stage at this year’s Forum.

Check out some of the forum’s stats:

Livestreaming Audience


Entrepreneurs, Futurists, Thought Leaders. You're in for a treat!

Interested in speaking to the BEF13 speakers? 

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Brilliant ideas often come from unexpected minds.

  Young minds are imaginative and can create amazing things. Futurepreneurs aims to connect these brilliant ideas of high school students with support that they need to get a chance to flourish.  For without a chance to fail or succeed there is no way to move forward.



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Cheyenne Capobianco

T.U.F.F is an after school yoga and exercise program for staff members run by fitness enthusiast and SMSA student Cheyenne Capobianco. The goal is to offer teachers a convenient way to relieve stress and stay healthy. We want all teachers feeling their best, as they work with the future of America every day.


Aerial Drones

Oghomwen Ohenhen

Aerial Drones has the incredible potential to revolutionize the way we live our lives. Its usefulness in commercial, industrial, and life-saving procedures makes it the top of its class in profit potential. When paired with good management and perseverance, it’s a business that is sure to succeed.




Skilled Sitter

Victoria Parisi

Skilled Sitter will ensure the best care for a child who has one or more medical conditions. Not only will we provide the most excellent child care, but we will do our best to maintain a strong relationship with our customers.



Kelly Szczerkowski & Sharon Soliz

Squinee is a wiper that goes on a key chain for quick accessibility. It is customizable and affordable. We are a 100% USA made company with a 100% USA made project. In the future we plan to be 100% go green because right now we are using recycled windshield wipers and plan on finding a recycled plastic material to make the base out of.








Bryan Gillespie

Intelletech is a way for students to know exactly where their school bus is in real time. It allows them to be safe and use their time correctly without missing the school bus. Our mission at Intellect, a greater Hartford company, is to provide education technology services through a human centered approach with design features that incorporate our behaviors and personalities throughout all our products and services.


Hart for the Poor

Nathan Hart

Hart for the Poor establishes “Community Transformation Centers” in impoverished tropical areas that process locally grown coconuts bought at fair-trade prices to stimulate the local economy.



High-octane entrepreneurship all day long!


Registration and Breakfast @ Sorenson Theater


Opening Remarks @ Sorenson Theater


Morning Keynote @ Sorenson Theater

David Fialkow and Yuchun Lee, General Catalyst Partners

20-min Coffee Break @ 10am


Breakout Session: Panel | TED Style | Fireside Chat @ Olin Hall

Ready, Aim, Fire

Location: Olin 101

Speakers: Prahar Shah, Albe Zakes, Ava Anderson, Manasi Gangan

E2E : Nurturing the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Location: Olin 220

Speakers: Carissa Reiniger, Twyla Garrett, Sramana Mitra

(Ad)Ventures Abroad: Entrepreneurship in developing countries

Location: Olin Auditorium

Speakers: Chris Schroeder, Caron DeMars, Esteban Betancur Sierra

20-min Coffee Break @11am


Breakout Session: Panel | TED Style | Fireside Chat @ Olin Hall

Curated Content Discovery in Digital World

Location: Olin 101

Speakers: Jenny Rushmore, Jules Pieri, Zenobia Moochala

Disrupting Education: Empowering Students for the Future

Location: Olin 220

Speakers: Nikhil Goyal, Gene Miller, Mary Lemmer

Shaping a Happier Future

Location: Olin Auditorium

Speakers: Nataly Kogan


Lunch @ Knight Auditorium


Futurepreneurs Pitch @ Sorenson Theater


High Powered Panel @ Sorenson Theater

Gazing into the Crystal Ball : Opportunities in the Next Decade

Speakers: Gil Alterovitz, Jon Carson, Faith Popcorn, Marla Cappozzi

20-min Coffee Break @ 3pm


Futurepreneurs Pitch @ Sorenson Theater


Closing Keynote @ Sorenson Theater

Robin Chase, Founder of Zipcar, Buzzcar


Closing Remarks @ Sorenson Theater


Networking Cocktail @ Olin Hall


Our Sponsors

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We are grateful for having wonderful sponsors!

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Babson College is the educator for Entrepreneurship of All Kinds™

At Babson, we believe that entrepreneurship is applicable—and crucial—in organizations of all types and sizes, in established businesses as well as new ventures. Today, teams, divisions, and whole enterprises are striving to be more entrepreneurial. Furthermore, entrepreneurial thought and action are happening at all levels of an organization, where collaboration complements top-down leadership.

Babson College was the first to understand that thinking and acting entrepreneurially is more than just an inclination. Rather, it can be taught. And we do it better than anyone.

Ranked #1 for entrepreneurship an unprecedented 19 years in a row by U.S. News & World Report, Babson College continues to look forward, to evolve our methods, to anticipate the challenges and opportunities our students will face when they graduate.


Early in 2002, the Graduate Student Association realized that Babson needed a large public event that highlighted and reinforced Babson’s reputation for global leadership in Entrepreneurship. Thus, the Babson Entrepreneurship Forum was born. Christian Crews, Havell Rodrigues and Felipe Venegas represented the legendary inaugural leadership team that planted the forum seed. Together, they took the initial idea and built a plan that resulted in the Babson Entrepreneurship Forum.

This team’s vision was to put Babson College into the event circuit of the Boston area schools by creating an annual event commensurate with those sanctioned by many of the prominent business schools in the area. They wanted a diverse group of Babson and non-Babson students and professionals to attend and continue to strengthen the Babson brand.

The F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business’s talented student body, populating the picturesque Wellesley campus, drove the desire for this to be a student run event showcasing Olin Hall. Felipe M. Venegas, M’03 was quoted as saying, “from an academic perspective, the leadership role I played in the Forum on E&I represented the single greatest and most comprehensive learning experience I had during my two years as an MBA student. It was a real life application of all the various classes I had taken. And what was most fulfilling to me is how the Forum is also helping enhance the overall academic experience of each new leadership team while also strengthening the Babson brand.”

With the support of the college and an incredibly committed and engaged team of twenty full time and evening MBA students, the Forum on Entrepreneurship and Innovation was born on October 25th, 2002. The Forum’s content was headlined by two keynote speakers, Reebok’s founder Paul Fireman and Fidelity’s Teresa Hassara, and over thirty panelists sitting on six distinct, industry-specific panels ranging in interests from biotech and renewable energy to consumer products marketing and internet strategies.

The Forum not only accomplished its goal, but it exceeded initial expectations by attracting a diverse mix of over three hundred graduate students, alumni and professional attendees as well as national media.

Since the beginning, the core leadership team has remained committed to the Forum’s success through structured knowledge transfer, alumni advisory committees and a genuine willingness to help out each year as the new leadership teams took the helm. Christian, Havell and Felipe could not be any prouder of the legacy their team worked so hard to create and the subsequent teams’ successes that have worked tirelessly to make the Forum what it is today. How will you leave your mark?

Organizing Team

Who is putting together this awesome event?

Meet the super awesome organizing team












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