NOVEMBER 9TH Babson College


The People track is designed to expose attendees to the inspiring and remarkable stories of our select group of entrepreneurs. Individuals from different backgrounds will relate their personal experiences along their entrepreneurial journeys: their beginnings, motivations, fears, obstacles, achievements, and visions of the future.

Women Who Mean Business

Women founders are a powerful force in the U.S. economy and around the world, both in terms of numbers and gross revenues. Over the past few decades, women- owned ventures have played an increasingly prominent role as employers, customers, suppliers and competitors in the marketplace. In this session, introduced by Lakshmi Balachandra, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at Babson, three phenomenal women entrepreneurs will share their journeys, successes, and lessons learned from across the investing, fashion, and technology industries.

Breaking Down Barriers

In a world that is constantly shifting beneath our feet, technology is leading the charge to challenge norms and accepted ways of doing business, connecting socially, and understanding the world around us. In this session, two powerful forces in the Boston technology startup scene will share their expertise, perspectives, and experiences on how to break through barriers, push through the unknown, and forge a unique path in the world of possibility presented by the ever evolving field of technology.

Putting the Act in Impact

Much of business education is based on the assumption that the future will be very similar to the past. However, as we look around at the rapidly changing world around us, it is clear that the world is growing increasingly unpredictable. Navigating in this uncertain world takes more than just a desire to create change, it takes action. Len Schlesinger, President of Babson College, will kick off this powerful session with a talk on how to harness entrepreneurial action. In addition, this session will feature talks by entrepreneurs who have acted In the face of uncertainty to create value and make a social impact through both for-profit and non-profit ventures.


The Trends Track will allow attendees to get a snapshot of the reality of entrepreneurship and innovation at an international and industry level. In addition to two world class panels around two of Babson's signature projects–the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor and the Babson Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Project-the Trends track will offer a breakthrough panel on disruption in the music industry, as a featured example of how the future is not to be planned, but is rather to be built, day by day.

Disrupted: The New Face of the Music Industry

The evolution of the digital landscape and emergence of new distribution channels have forced the music industry to redefine itself over the last decade. While these drastic changes challenge existing economic structures, with industry-wide disruption comes new opportunity. This session, moderated by Dave Kusek, Managing Partner of Digital Cowboys Consulting, will examine how the industry is meeting these challenges from the perspectives of a variety of key players in the market.

Entrepreneurship: A Global Perspective

The power of entrepreneurship to drive change and economic growth is a global phenomenon. This session will explore the unique characteristics of entrepreneurship across key geographical regions: Eastern Europe, Latin America, BRICS, and Asia. Donna Kelley, board member of the Global Entrepreneurship Research Association, will lead this discussion on key contributors to entrepreneurship across regions, areas of concern, cultural attitudes, and the outlook for the future. Regional experts in each area will join this session via video conference to discuss the issues particular to their part of the global entrepreneurship community.

Interconnected: Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Most leaders recognize the strategic importance of entrepreneurship for economic and social value creation, yet few understand how to go about it. This session will be led and facilitated by Daniel Isenberg, Professor of Management Practice at Babson Global and Director of the Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project (BEEP). A prestigious panel of government, private sector, and agency representatives will share their views and diverse practices--and mistakes, when applicable--around how to facilitate the policies, culture, capital markets, and incentives to bring out the entrepreneurial spirit that is lurking beneath the surface everywhere.


The Skills Track will allow attendees to learn by applying concepts to their current companies or projects. During the workshop "hands on approach" facilitators will make sure that attendees have clear "to do on Monday morning" when it comes to venture creation and growth, ideation, marketing and overall strategic management.

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